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Naxos Bus Transfer & Tours

Naxos Bus Transfer “Tours”, is the new project of KTEL Naxos S.A., a leading DMC since its establishment in 1952. The 65+ years of operation and the collaboration with volume-driven quality TOs, as well as with FIT guests complexity, “allowed” us to say that we have the “know-how” of in destinations operation.
Travelling throughout Naxos means to be acquainted with exploring the true “Naxos” through its people, villages, arts. Ktel Naxos S.A., respecting the needs of its customers, provides daily excursions Every route where we operate has unique beauties and we want to show this magnificence to the visitors of our island. The visitor may choose among beautiful beaches, mountains, archeological sites or fun & adventurous experiences.

Why Choose Us

Luxury & Comfortable Buses

We offer a wide range of bus and mini bus tours & transfers, private or shared.

A Range of Attractions

Picturesque landscapes, remarkable sights, charming coastal resorts.

Online Booking

Check availability, prices and book any time 24/7/365 from the comfort of your place.

Guided Tours

See the best of Naxos with an expert guide know hundreds of beautiful and interesting sights along the journey.


Naxos Bus Transfer are the leaders in scheduled tours, private tours and private transfers on Naxos Island.


Port of Naxos, Naxos Town
84300 Naxos Island
Cyclades, Greece